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A full service agency that nurtures deep relationships

Brand Storytelling

Committed to engaging your audience wherever they are

Video & Photography Production

High quality, engaging content that empowers your marketing collateral

Web & App Development

Hundreds of projects featuring content management and eCommerce

Digital Asset Management

Secure content libraries for SMEs. AOS Content Cloud for real time marketing workflows


Welcome to the Art of Storytelling. AOS is a full service marketing company providing strategy, ideation, design, creation, distribution and analytics to some of the world’s largest brands. We also provide digital tools that enable our clients to collaborate and contribute directly to their brand’s narrative. All of the visuals on this website come from our extensive library of original content.

Digital Marketing

For over twenty years AOS has worked with some of world's largest brands to meet their marketing objectives 

Brand Storytelling

Emotional hooks and cinematic visuals - we strive for maximum impact and maximum reach 

Video & Photography

Content is King and AOS has a reputation throughout the Americas as a leader in visual content creation 

Strategy & Design

Strategy is borne out of a deep consideration of our clients' communications objectives 

Web & App Development

Our team has built and hosted over 100 websites for financial, manufacturing and non-governmental organisations 

CSR & Sustainability

With countless hours of experience in the field, our team can help you with CSR communications best practices 

Distribution & Analytics

Rich content goes further. That’s why AOS has distribution partners all over the world 

Asset Management

We offer two levels of digital asset management: Client Hosted and AOS Content Cloud. Both are powerful and secure 

Recent Work

We are pleased to share a sample of our recent video, web and app development assignments. Be sure to visit our Vimeo channel for a complete view of our video productions.

Crew & Collaborators

AOS has nurtured some of the best new talent in our studio. We’ve also had the pleasure of collaborating with top professionals in their field. Reach out to us today.

James O'Connor

The Founder and Creative Director of AOS, James has over 20 years experience in the marketing and communications sector and is ultimately responsible for creative direction at AOS, training new team members and developing the post-production workflow. James is an award-winning director and an outstanding photographer having covered many high-profile international events.

Miranda O'Connor

Intelligent, practical and a great negotiator. Miranda holds a degree in Environmental Studies, a Masters in Business Administration and is now pursuing a post-graduate Certificate in CSR/Sustainability. She keeps the studio’s clients in the comfort zone, manages our crews and is the real reason behind AOS’ continued success and growth.

Hugh Blanc

Studio Manager

Samantha Scotter

Assistant Director

Jonathan O'Connor

Account Executive

Kevin Huggins


Dylan Quesnel


Matthew Mora


Jermold Compton


Luis Sanches

Software Developer
Music Producer

Kiral Ifill


Andrew Fitt


Filmmaker Dylan Quesnel skates between renders in the studio

AOS Content Cloud


Take control of your brand story with our new mobile app. We love producing high quality branded entertainment but we also know that giving brand owners and marketing teams the power to tell their own story matters even more. With a dedicated brand camera, a digital model release and more, AOS Content Cloud does exactly that. Click to learn more about AOS Content Cloud.


AOS are masters of brand storytelling. They know how to truly engage an audience.

Russ Jarman Price

Managing Director, Advertising M&A Ltd., North America

Their commitment to going beyond the script is how AOS adds value. It’s the reason for the consistently high standard we have received from them.

Julie Harris

Head of Creative Services, Lonsdal Saatchi & Saatchi

Our message is conveyed beautifully. Working with AOS is an enjoyable experience.

Joanne Bell

Marketing Coordinator, Maple Leaf International School

The work that you’ve done on The Edge has been transformational for our brand.

Julianne Neal

Founder, The Marley Project

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AOS Incorporated in Ontario

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James waits to catch a drone on the deck of a pilot ship near BP’s Mahogany oil and gas platform.

Reaching Out

AOS is incorporated in Ontario, Canada. We also run one of the Caribbean’s busiest production studios in Trinidad. Our crews have worked on assignment in South Carolina, Germany, England, California, Guyana and Bahrain. Our leadership team provides strategic marketing direction to businesses all over the world.

Reach out to us today and we’ll do our best to get you in the digital marketing comfort zone. We’ll use your email address to get back to you, for rare service announcements and nothing more. Please include your phone number. In case our emails get junked, we’ll follow up by phone to make sure you get our response. Thanks!

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