Tourism and Economic Development

AOS has worked on numerous campaigns for destination marketing. In the Caribbean we have put a spotlight on a wide gamut of experiential tourism from the leisure scene in Barbados to turtle watching in Tobago. We have also told stories of exploration and discovery in all four seasons in the Ontario, Canada. We have also worked on three successful iterations of the inbound investment campaign for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Tobago. Above or below water, Canon 1DC and 1DX cameras are bringing the action home.

Spotlight Video – Headwaters is Horse Country

To coincide with the first Canadian Equus Film Festival Tour Stop in Headwaters, we produced this video featuring the voices of artists, residents and of course the Equine community which is a big part of this amazing rural playground. The York, Durham, Headwaters region is just one hour from Toronto which makes it number one on many Tourism stakeholders’ agenda.

Finished video – Headweaters is Horse Country. 

Spotlight Video – Investing in Trinidad and Tobago

For many destinations Tourism and Economic Development campaigns go hand in hand and we are often asked to integrate “sun and fun” into into more “serious” productions – a challenge we love! In the video below we cast Ian and Shannon as a pair of investment analysts who set out to discover the country’s potential and share it with the world. We have told many chapters of Trinidad and Tobago’s investment story and we have translated and re-voiced our videos in French, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin and Korean for trade missions all over the world.

Finished video – Invest in Trinidad and Tobago.

Spotlight Video – Headwaters Winter Story

Any destination. Any season. Any experiencer. We’re up for it. And we come with years of experience in video and photography production in all kinds of conditions. We know what it takes to stand out in digital and social media so we bring our A-game to your production to create the most engaging content.

Experience locations and services with an immersive virtual tour video.

Spotlight Video – Cruise Trinidad and Tobago

Fact: Trinidad and Tobago is one of the few Caribbean destinations that has the attractions and the facilities to fuel, maintain and re-stock large vessels outside of the hurricane belt. This video was designed as a direct communication piece to the cruise industry. As we were faced with showing “both sides of the story” – maritime facilities and attractions – we thought it would be cool to have a littler traveller cross paths with the ship’s captain before following each of their narratives with a list of objectives… and boy did it work out! Casting actors to experience the truth and share it with viewers is one of our favourite strategies for engaging communications.

Finished video – Cruise Trinidad and Tobago.

Spotlight Video – Leatherback Turtle Watching

Trinidad and Tobago supports one of the largest populations of leather back turtles in the world. March to August is the best time to visit the turtle nesting beaches in Trinidad and Tobago. We made this short video with the help of the Turtle VillageTrust and the community of Grande Riviere.

Finished video – Turtle Watching Trinidad and Tobago.

Spotlight Video – Experience Phagwaa

The story of a small boy and a terrible King… Holi is a festival celebrated by Hindus throughout the world and a major chapter in Trinidad’s narrative. The movement, colour and drums we thought best to capture at 240 frames per second. The story was pulled together from live, family-oriented events that you can enjoy before getting dye-bombed by a bunch of kids having the time of their life. We produced this video and a library of incredible photography for the Tourism Authority and came away with a beautifully dyed Canon 5D that eventually became our “logo” (before Coldplay’s now infamous Mylo Xyloto album). …Now you know.

Finished video – Experience Phagwaa.

Spotlight Video – Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar

Cocoa is back! And it’s a major investment opportunity in Trinidad and Tobago. We spent a week with the Cocoa Research Centre in the University of the West Indies producing a series of videos on the entire process from the bean to the bar. Trinitario cocoa is sought after by the best chocolate makers all over the world and we are proud to share this story.

Finished video – Experience Phagwaa.

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