We’re always excited to share our work. Our latest showreel continues the tradition of including as many stakeholder soundbytes as possible. There’s actually a good reason for that. Our strength is in the stories we tell. It’s what drives engagement. Immerse yourself in the big developments from BP, Scotiabank, Headwaters Healthcare, Maple Leaf International School, Atlantic and many others. Get a glimpse into the world of athletes and researchers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their fields.

Stakeholders and subject matter experts know that “talking heads” don’t exactly hold viewers’ attentions by themselves. So we work to guarantee engagement by making the most beautiful visual content to back them up. Sometimes that means taking the cameras underwater, or into the skies. Sometimes we’ll stay in a location until the sun disappears and the bugs start to bite because the time-lapse is just getting started. We devote considerable resources to every production – from the best equipment to thoughtful edits and we deliver a final package with thumbnails and subtitles so that clients can hit the ground running.