We could not be prouder than to collaborate with the team at Catholic Community Services of York Region (CCSYR) in crafting a series of success story videos. Our partnership began with three video narratives centered on resilient women: Anna, Dr. Nousheen, and Aram.



Each of these newcomers faced distinct challenges but received substantial support from CCSYR. The organization was so impressed with these videos that we were commissioned to produce another series, shedding light on the various services they provide. These encompass Library Services, School Services, Senior Services, Employment Services, BIPOC, and Be Real Be Me.


Hear from the team leaders who volunteer for the Newcomers Orientation Program (CCSYR).


Ashpreet is inspiring young girls to believe in themselves after the Be Real Be Me Program (CCSYR).

These videos are currently featured on their website, serving both as a means to inform potential clients about the support available and as tangible proof of their impactful work. In September 2023, CCSYR hosted an impact event to celebrate newcomers and showcase the positive influence they have on York Region in the Greater Toronto Area. During the event, these videos were prominently displayed on the main screen.

You can learn more about CCSYR here and you can learn more about our approach to CSR storytelling here.

To cover the gamut of success stories for CCSYR, our team visited ten different locations in the GTA over two months. Boardrooms, living rooms and tiny offices were transformed into sets for interviews which we captured on a Canon 1DX Mark III with professional LED lighting and directional mics because we want our subjects to look and sound their very best in any situation.


Ambient 4K interviews in the CCSYR welcome centre, supported by soft front lighting.

video production in the GTA

Our subject here is close-mic’d with a directional mic to eliminate sound that echoed throughout the school setting.

Filming an interview from just outside this tiny office space.

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